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We believe the best fitness regime is to train the body and mind to remain natural. Our organic fitnes fitness philosophy stems from the fact that our physical activity requirements are shaped by the selective pressures imposed by the environments in which we evolve. Hence, a physical activity program should be based on individual requirements and should evolve with the body and mind.

We train people in a holistic way to maintain the energy balance while keeping both body, mind and spirit in tune with nature. Sustainable natural fitness is our mantra.

In the last 12 years, we have worked with people who require high level of bodily fitness and equanimity of mind including top bureaucrats, police organizations and top corporates.

“Finally, A FITNES Culture Where ORGANIC NaTURAl  Techniques are Welcome. BODY, MIND AND Spirit all contribute to holistic fitness.”

OFT Chief Mentor Anil Singh training Arunachal Police Personnel using unique organic techniques to maintain fitnes that is required at those tough terrains of the State.

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